SPRING BOG - 4.0% (Mar - May)

Straw coloured, zesty ale from the use of oodles of Cascade hops.  A thirst quencher!

BALMY BOG - 4.0% (Jun - Aug)

Amber coloured, light and refreshing citrus hop notes from the careful use of Citra hops added late into the boil

WINDY BOG - 4.0% (Sep - Nov)

Black in colour from the use of roast malts, black and chocolate.  Bitterness is medium to high with rich chocolate notes on the palate.  The darkest Big Bog beer

FROSTY BOG - 4.0% (Dec - Feb)

Very pale in colour with marked refreshing citrus hop notes. Whilst other seasonal beers tend to be dark at this time of year "Frosty" isn't!

 CHERRY RYE - 4.3% (Jul - Sep)

  A light coloured ale brewed with rye malt for dryness and flavoured subtly with Montmorencey cherries